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Dead Space for Android

Hey Folks, this weekend I spent a few hours playing a game (Dead Space) on my Galaxy Ace Plus, I found the game very interesting and with good graphics, passable even some scares hehe. Its about Dead Space, a survival horror third-person action game that will engage you with the streak if you use headphones to play the game to have a more immersive sound.

Compare the graphics, the image above Android, the one below the PC version.


The player takes on the role of an engineer named Isaac Clarke, who fights a virus-like alien infestation that turns humans into alien monsters called "Necromorphs" aboard a space mining vessel called USG. Ishimura.

The third-person perspective game view 'over the shoulder'.

The interface of Dead space does not feature the traditional HUD. Instead, all information passed to the player through holographic deprecations, and armor and weapon information appears in itself. For example, a small sight glass on the weapon shows the amount of ammunition; Also, the 'life bar' indicating Isaac's condition is integrated into the armature column. Through holograms projected in front of Isaac, the player can check the current objectives on the 3D map, or access the inventory to manage the items. Meanwhile, however, the game does not stop in time, so the player is in constant danger of being attacked.

Combat involves a unique strategy system called "Strategic Breakdown" in which the player must methodically cut specific members or parts of the Necromorphs to defeat them. For example, Shooting the head at a certain type of Necromorph will have little effect, and it will continue to attack the player as long as all the tentacles are not removed. Depending on how injured they are, Necromorphs may adopt new behaviors and tactics, even creating new members or giving birth to new enemies in the process.

To keep Isaac more as an engineer than a soldier, the weapons in Dead space they are mostly makeshift mining tools, such as a plasma cutter, a rotary saw, a hydrazine torch used as a flamethrower, and an outside gun that emits powerful shock waves. A military automatic rifle is also available. All weapons feature a secondary mode; For example, the plasma cutter can be rotated 90 degrees to make dismemberments more effective. The player must search for ammunition and other items, which are found by the ship or left by Necromorphs when killed. Automated stores scattered around the ship can be used to buy and sell items or store them for later use. Also, the player can use "power nodes" (a kind of battery) to upgrade weapons and armor.

In addition to weapons, Isaac is also equipped with other tools that help him survive, solve puzzles and fight enemies. Isaac can temporarily slow enemies and objects with 'Stasis', and pick up and attack objects with 'Kinesis'. Dead space Also featuring vacuum and zero gravity environments, Isaac can navigate through them wearing his pressurized suit and magnetic boots. Isaac may die from choking in a vacuum or in toxic environments since his suit only holds a limited amount of air, so the player is forced to proceed faster in these situations. Isaac can also jump from platform to platform in zero gravity environments. In some moments. The player even plays on the outer surface of the ship, where he must beware of debris that may injure Isaac.

We have an interesting storyline here at?I tested and approved. Here's the tip.What's your favorite game, have you ever played Dead Space and didn't like it? Leave your comment =)