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Clips get new animated stickers; iMovie now accepts files from external drives; Check out other updated apps!

The iOS / iPadOS 13 were actually released already in version 13.1 of both systems. So, nothing more natural than an avalanche of apps available on the App Store run to take advantage of all the new operating systems, anyway?

So let's take a look at some relevant apps that got good updates!


Clips app icon


in Apple

IPad compatibleIPhones Compatible

Version 2.0.7 (173.6 MB) Requires the iOS 13.0 or superior

The fun Apple app has come in version 2.0.7 with exciting news, including the choice of 19 animated emoji stickers (confetti bombs, hearts, bouncing musical notes and more) and celebrating parties with 3 styles of characters (including a card). embossed snowflake, red envelope for Lunar New Year and glowing candles).

There is also Dark Mode compatibility and the new sharing of iOS 13, in addition to the traditional performance and stability improvements.


IMovie app icon


in Apple

IPad compatibleIPhones Compatible

Version 2.2.8 (617.3 MB) Requires the iOS 13.0 or superior

Already the darling video editor for iGadgets Ma has gained the ability to access files from external hard drives, SD card readers and USB drives, as well as Dark Mode compatibility and the new sharing of iOS 13.

Also new: by adding a musical theme to the project settings, the soundtrack automatically adjusts to match the length of the movie. In addition, we also have performance and stability improvements.


TestFlight app icon

Apple's app testing platform app has gained, along with the aforementioned apps, Dark Mode compatibility and stability / bug fix improvements.


Gmail app icon: Google Email

Google began releasing yesterday to users of its email client Dark Mode support on both iOS and Android. They warn that it may take more than two weeks for the news to appear to everyone, however.


Things 3 app icon

Things 3 for iPad app icon

So many new features in the latest version of this beautiful task manager, including compatibility with Siri Shortcuts, new sharing option following iOS 13 news, Dark Mode support, new gestures, reminder changes (with the ability to import reminders other services), accessibility improvements, and more!

Already the iPadOS version, in addition to the same news that landed on iOS, also gained support for multiple windows (as in macOS).


Drafts app icon

Finally, the newest version of this draft for all of its life has gained many improvements to the interface and its functional base, shortcut support, list enhancements, and many bugfixes and enhancements.

More Apple News

cone - Apple Music for Android

Android guys, the Apple music was updated yesterday to today on Google Play with support for streaming from music to TVs or speakers connected with Chromecast, real-time lyrics like iOS, Dark Mode, and access to numerous radio stations from around the world.

Finally, two more news from the company: she made available the Pages EndNote Plug-in v3.2, for those who use the app and want to enter EndNote quotes; besides him, the Xcode 11.1 GM seed (build 11A1027) is also now available to developers.