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Carl's Pool | AndroidPIT

Playing pool is one of the most celebrated forms of entertainment. It is a game that requires skill from its player. And who loves billiards, knows very well that a little party in a bar near the must-see house. If there is no bar, how about trying to appeal to the virtual? Introducing Carl's Pool here. Needless to say, a pool game for smartphones, right? Read more about him in our review today.

Functions & Usage

Device: LG Optimus BlackAndroid Android: 2.3.4Root: NoMods: NoneThere are so many pool games available for Android that we got lost in a sea of ??options. So we randomly decided to review Carl's Pool. It is an app that seems to be too simple at first glance, but over time proves to be a very interesting game and, moreover, can be played by various users.

Carl's Pool occupies about 2.4 MB of your device and can be saved to SD card. And by far the app is reduced to being a single player game. There is, in fact, the single player mode, which is quite wide, comprising 8 or 9 balls and the Make 15 option. There are so many levels of difficulty and what makes the app more interesting is the ability to play against other real opponents. . Important to say that everything develops better if the device is a tablet, of course.

There is also the option to play against virtual opponents in multiplayer mode. For this you need to register. Once registered, you can either choose a specific opponent or allow the app to choose you at random. The interesting side of multiplayer mode is the presence of an internal chat.

The game still brings varied challenges to keep the player always interested. An example is the challenge of exceeding a level with a maximum number of moves.

Finally, we were very impressed by the attention to detail that the developers of this app have devoted. All of this makes the game very easy to manipulate. An example: You can even look up the rule for a move you are not so sure of. In addition, game results and scores can be shared on Twitter and Facebook.

Conclusion:Carl's Pool is a great game and even better for billiards. Its name doesn't remind us of a game of pool, but that's just a detail of a simple, efficient and very well done app.

Screen & Controls

Handle Carl's super quiet pool. Either way, the app brings an introduction that explains to the user how it all works.

We can only say that the experience of playing this app on a tablet is more interesting than a smartphone. And this is especially so when you decide to play with other friends. But the app works well on a smartphone.

Speed ??& Stability

Carl's Pool works very well and we can't complain about anything in this regard. It is important to say that multiplayer mode can be a bit slow depending on the quality of your Internet connection.

Price / Performance Ratio

Carl's Pool can be downloaded at no cost here in our App Center. If you don't like banner ads, then you can get the Pro version for 1.50 euros or $ 3.79.