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Best Party Apps

Today Friday, do you need a better reason to party? But before, nothing better than a weekend warm-up with a happy hour, a get together at a friend's house, drinks and a lot of music. Thinking about it, today we present some applications that can not miss on a Friday, like you, the best Android apps for party:

DJ Studio 3

It's unthinkable to live without music, much less without music in a ballad. With DJ Studio 3 you can remix your favorite "themes", turn up the volume and give music effects to your setlist. DJ Studio 3 is a free application where you can experience sounds on 16 customizable channels, share your creations on Soundcloud and feel like the party DJ. In short, a great app for professional Disc Jockeys and for those who just want to flirt with it.

Light party

This app will bring your happy hour to life or liven up the party at your home. We're talking about Light Party, a perfect imitation of a multicolored strobe. Do you know when you're in the club and you get those lights that look like hundreds of paparazzi on you? Here is the effect caused by the Light Party app. The download of this free application has various lighting effects, with different colors that vary according to the rhythm of the music and the movement.


An app like Mixology Drink Recipes we needed to boost a party. With 7,900 drink recipes, you can make alcoholic beverages, sodas, hot drinks and cocktails. The advantage of this app that it allows you to enter the ingredients you own and based on them, will suggest what possible drinks you can prepare. That is, at the time of tightening, always use Mixology.


Do you know those times when you want to know the name of a song the DJ just played, but are you ashamed to ask? For these moments there is Shazam. The app is famous for recognizing what is playing and gives us the title and the author in a moment. In addition, it offers many other possibilities such as displaying the lyrics of the song in question.

What do you think, these apps are worth on a Friday? Let us know in the comments below!

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