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ASUS Announces Lyra Voice Smart Speaker with Alexa Personal Assistant

THE ASUS announced on CES 2018 your new smart speaker called Lyra Voice, device that comes equipped with the assistant person Alexa. The product is similar to already known Google Home and Amazon Echo, but with differential in its horizontal design.

Lyra Voice has Wi-Fi 802.11ac standard and technology meshThis feature offers the user much more performance as wireless devices can be connected to each other to increase the connection range. The device also comes with an integrated microphone and Alexa virtual assistant, which can assist in various actions.

AASUS also announced a new dual-bandmulti-hub mesh Wi-Fi system called Lyra Trio. This router comes with a unique three antenna design that promises roaming and faster wireless speed through its 3×3 MIMO technology. The Trio system can be managed through an application for mobile devices. The device will also send notifications if connection problems occur.

Both devices will be released in the first half of the year, with Lyra Voice arriving for $ 229. The Lyra Trio arrives for $ 299, including, of course, three devices.

Via: Neowin. [TagsToTranslate] asus