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Apple Sues Another iPad Fire Case

Not exactly common that gadgets (regardless of manufacturer) explode, quite the contrary, this is something totally wrong but it can happen. Unfortunately, Apple has a history of such cases, and an event in 2017 put Ma negatively in the spotlight (and in court).

As we reported last February, the living Julia Ireland Meo filed a lawsuit against Ma alleging that a defective iPad would have caused a fire in her apartment in New Jersey (United States), which caused the death of her husband, Bradley Ireland.

Now it is the turn of the insurer and the building administration where the accident happened to sue the Cupertino giant, as the The register. The plaintiffs allege that Ireland's iPad "was excessively dangerous and unsafe for its purpose due to defects in its design or manufacture."

They suggest that Apple is responsible for the damage because it supposedly knew or should know that the iPad battery was an "ultra-risk mechanism capable of causing damage, even when used occasionally."

Union Management and its contracted insurance company, Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company, filed the lawsuit on June 20 at the New Jersey District Court.

The claimants demand a jury trial and compensation ?for all amounts paid by Greater New York Mutual Insurance Union Management?, including insurance deductible, attorney's fees and related interest.

Let's keep up.

via AppleInsider