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Apple more than doubled Swift language usage on iOS 13 compared to 12

We haven't talked about the programming language for a long time Swift, released by Apple in 2014.

That she is widely used around the world is not a novelty. But how is the language being used internally by Apple itself? This is exactly the point raised by the developer Alexandre Colucci in his blog Tmac.

In fact, he's been tracking since iOS 9, when only the Calculator app (Calculator) was written in Swift; from l to c, of course, things got a lot better. Currently, with the arrival of iOS 13, the number of binaries using the language is now over 141, including apps / features like Search (Find My), Sticky notes (Reminders), Sidecar, Sade (Health), Books (Books) and Shortcuts (Shortcuts), in addition to frameworks SwiftUI, Combine, RealityKit and CryptoKit.

Binary written in Swift language on iOS 13

Here is a caveat: the methodology takes into account binaries containing one or more lines of code using Swift. That is, not necessarily all binary must be written in the language to enter this account.

Still, it is interesting to note how language usage has more than doubled from iOS 12 to 13.

via iMore