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Apple may launch iPhone with Touch ID under screen in China

Unlike 2017, when Apple launched the Face ID iPhone X and the Touch ID 8/8 Plus models, in 2018 Apple introduced a line of devices (XS, XS Max and XR) equipped exclusively with its recognition technology. facial.

While this might suggest dominating Face ID, a new article by Global times indicates that Apple might re-adopt Touch ID on future iPhones, but maybe only on devices that will be sold in China.

According to the newspaper, Apple should release a special version of the iPhone exclusively from there to try to reverse the decline in sales (and profit) in the Chinese market, which has been compounded by the pressures of the long US-US trade war. the China.

There is, however, one thing: Touch ID technology would not be exactly the same as in 8/8 Plus or earlier iPhones; in fact Apple would follow some old rumors about implementing the fingerprint reader under the screen of gadget, in an integrated way Apple even registered a technology for that.

Until two years ago, this rumor was denied by Apple's senior vice president of hardware engineering, Dan Riccio, but perhaps the company has decided to resurrect the idea.

The biggest reason for this replacement is the new adoption of Touch ID, according to sources from Apple's supply chain, to "reduce costs." According to a representative of a Chinese automaker, a structured infrared light emitter (the main component of Face ID) costs hundreds of yuan, reducing Ma's profit margin.

As highlighted by 9to5Mac, if the purpose of removing Face ID rightly reduces production costs soon, the handset's selling value also seems contradictory to the replacement being an advanced Touch ID technology that goes under the iPhone display (which certainly should very expensive).

Real or not, the fact that such a device should not be launched this year, according to analysts; the main one (with the highest hit rate when it comes to forecasts involving Apple), Ming Chi Kuo, said this year's iPhones will feature Face ID and an improved front camera. Another big change in the next devices is likely to be in the camera, which should have up to three lenses and a slightly larger square design.