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AndroidPIT Interview with Julie Uhrman, CEO of Ouya | Part 2

The powerful console based on the Android operating system, Ouya is making a lot of noise these days in the Android universe and, with a record amount of funding on Kickstarter, the project continues to attract the attention of consumers, developers and gamers. There are many issues around the console and recently we had the opportunity to interview Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman, who shared interesting details and answered our questions about hardware, developer reception, control, availability, and more. Today comes the second part of the interview, where Julie goes into detail about Ouya games, compatibility, console hardware, availability and more!

As Julie was very cordial in answering many of our questions, we divided the interview into two parts. In the first part, we present general questions about the Ouya console, the developers' welcome, the target audience, and more. You can check out the first part of the interview by clicking here. The second part is now airing and we bring more specs, we talk about hardware, game compatibility, rooting and when the console will be available.

AndroidPIT – We understand that you are in talks with Nvidia and that they are helping to make the most of the Tegra 3 chipset that will be used on the console. Is Tegra 3 definitely the chipset used on the console or is there any chance that another chip (Tegra 4 maybe?) Could be used?

Julie – Our specifications remain the same.

AndroidPIT – Games like Nova 3 and Max Payne often require 1.5 to 2 GB of internal memory to play on Android devices. Will the Ouya console's 8GB internal memory be enough to keep gamers happy?

Julie – We have 8GB of storage space and 1GB of RAM and yes, we are confident with this level of hardware. We have twice as much RAM as the Xbox. And for those who would like a game stream through the cloud, we have partnered with OnLive to deliver hundreds of games on demand.

AndroidPIT – What version of Android is used on the console?

Julie – Ice Cream Sandwich.

AndroidPIT – Will it be possible to remove / add components to the console?

Julie – Yes! Part of the "welcome hackers" means "welcome hardware hackers too. And this is the part that cheers me up the most. I can't wait to see the people of the periphery putting their hands on it."

AndroidPIT – Will Ouya be able to run other apps like Youtube and Netflix, or do I need root access to run standard Android apps?

Julie – Anything that runs Android can be supported by Ouya. Last week we announced a partnership with OnLive – this is just one example of how we can bring major content partners to the platform. Of course, we can also go beyond games, maybe music or video. Ultimately, let's consider any partnership that will help us deliver the best possible entertainment experience for our customers.

AndroidPIT – We received many questions about emulators running on the console. I personally like to connect my Transformer Prime to my TV via HDMI, and then use a PS3 controller to play N64 and PS1 games on my TV through the tablet. Could Ouya theoretically make this process so much easier? Assuming emulators will work correctly with Ouya, are there any special functions for emulators?

Julie – We are aware that emulators are many in the MOD and hacking communities. We don't design Ouya to run emulators out of the box, but we wouldn't be surprised if anyone finds a way to do so once we are free to do so.

AndroidPIT – Do you have any special plans for online games?

Julie – Well, we just announced OnLive and people were pretty excited. We can not say anything that has not yet been disclosed.

AndroidPIT – Will standard titles such as Angry Birds also have analog or D-Pad support, or does the controller have an integrated touchpad for such titles?

Julie – We anticipate that some developers wishing to port their games may offer such support. In addition, the Ouya controller includes a touchpad – so everyone wins!

AndroidPIT – What are the top 3 challenges facing the Ouya console?

Julie – Before our debut on Kickstarter, we wondered if we had crazy branches or if we really had an idea that could work. Sure, we had big names supporting us: We had Yves Behar designing the console and the controller, we had great developers like Brian Fargo and Saltsman Adam saluting us and an amazing team of advisors, including Ed Fries, but until we came up with the idea in a way. We still had moments when we questioned our sanity. When the idea caught fire, we knew we were on the right track.

I think another challenge stay focused. Kickstarter can be overwhelming because it opens you to thousands of conversation topics and can be easy to get distracted. But having 45,000 supporters responding to that motivating. Fundamentally, we are led to fulfill our promise. And that will deliver a great game in March 2013, and make our sponsors proud. We have over 45,000 people who want to see this work. We will not let them down.

Along the same lines, skepticism can be disheartening. We can't stop certain conversations until we have a product on the market. In the meantime, let's move on. We are confident in what we are doing.

AndroidPIT – Any plans for an Ouya app for Android phones and tablets? If so, what will the App be able to do?

Julile – Not at this time. We are 100% focused on bringing the Ouya console to market next year.

AndroidPIT – Yves Behar, Muffi Ghadiali, and Ed Fries are extremely well known in the technology world. How did you set up such an amazing team?

Juile – We were very lucky to have an idea that people believed. When we shared the idea, they were excited and eager to participate. To me this is very flattering. It's amazing to think that we have these great people who work together to bring Ouya to life.

AndroidPIT – You started financing $ 150,000 after one hour. It now has $ 5.5 million and set a new Kickstarter record. What is Kickstarter's role in Ouya's success? Does financing make things easier or does it bring more pressure to succeed?

Juile – We consider Kickstarter fundamental to our success. Without Kickstarter we will not be able to get Ouya out of the functional prototype and launch the final product on the market in a reasonable time.

Of course, interest in the project is high and so there is some pressure. We have a lot of people cheering for us and we want to make them proud. But fundamentally, we're very grateful for Kickstarter, not only because it helped us get the financing we needed, but it also created an incredible opportunity to interact directly with our future clients. It is very rare for a company to share ideas with users while the product is still under development.

AndroidPIT – When to be released Ouya?

Juile – Let's start shipping consoles in March 2013!

AndroidPIT – Julie, we can't thank you enough for the interview. Here at AndroidPIT we can not wait to get our hands on the island Ouya!

Juile – Thank you!

Are you looking forward to Ouya's release too?

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