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Android version vulnerable to Heartbleed bug

Not only are OpenSSL sites and routers vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug; Some Android devices are also at risk. Google itself noted that devices running Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean are vulnerable to Heartbleed. According to the company, there are millions of devices that still run this version of the system.

android heartbleed
Android 4.1.1 vulnerable to Heartbleed / AndroidPIT

Because Android updates are controlled by device manufacturers and carriers, it can be challenging to determine which versions of Android are available in each model. However, it is well known that models like HTC One S still use Android 4.1.1.

The Heartbleed bug only opens one of Android's biggest issues: delegating to manufacturers the Android update of their respective devices. In addition, versions often need to be approved by mobile operators. Apart from that are models like Nexus and Google Play Edition phones.

Putting the bug-bugs aside, Heartbleed can make manufacturers pay more attention to upgrades of their new and old handsets.

And you, do you have any device running Android 4.1.1? Leave your comments below!

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