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Adobe launches long-awaited Fresco painting app for iPads

We already talked about the Adobe Fresh, (then) the future application of the iPad software giant that promised to bring the power of drawing and watercolor to users at all levels of dexterity. Here it is: taking advantage of the iPadOS 13.1 release, Adobe released the final version of the app today.

The company's focus on Fresco is to reach as many people as possible, including those who can't draw an "O" with a glass. Adobe has surveyed over 2,500 adults and found that 68% of them would like to be more creative but find obstacles in their inspiration and time to exercise that creativity. Tablets are also the preferred device for this.

Adobe Fresco app icon - Draw and paint

As we have already explored in the app presentation article, Fresco is made up of artificial intelligence techniques left and right to simulate, as reliably as possible and without hindering the life of the user, the behavior of a watercolor brush or a brush. a number of other drawing tools.

Despite the accessibility, the application can also be used for professional purposes. Thousands of brushes are present here, including vector options so you can create images that can be resized without limits and used for printing purposes. Fresco also provides full support for layers and other features exploited by advanced users, as well as working with files from Photoshop.

To publicize the launch of the app, Adobe has partnered with Apple and The Big Draw (a British institution that promotes drawing education and visual education for underserved people). Throughout October, companies and NGOs will hold special sessions of the Today at Apple in stores around the world; The idea is to use the iPads and Fresco to teach drawing, observation, color and visual creation classes just check the session times at your nearest store (if it exists, of course) and attend.

Adobe Fresco is now available for free on the App Store; It can be used free of charge with a reduced set of tools, but has its full version available to Creative Cloud subscribers. It is also possible to subscribe to the app separately, for R $ 39 monthly and, if you subscribe by the end of 2019, earn the first six months of free use.

via The Verge