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3G Watchdog | AndroidPIT

The most charming of smartphones that they do every thing that a few years ago would be unthinkable. If we get lost, just look at Google Maps. If we forget to respond to a message in the office, simply take the phone out of our pocket and send the message. What is not so trivial, however, are the options to control the megabytes used with our mobile internet tariff. Often it is necessary to be careful not to exceed the data transmission limit. What we will review today an app called 3G Watchdog, which proposes to offer such a feature. Check out!

Functions & Usage

3G Watchdog does not cover the entire data stream. In fact, only those that are sent over UMTS or then the normal mobile phone network. This means that its functionality is greatly reduced. What can be seen from the app the following:

In Quota you can select the unit of measurement for the data, keeping in mind that megabytes are generally used. It then adds up if you want to see data usage on a day, week, or month. It is therefore necessary to indicate when the measurement should be started.

Also you can configure the app to alert you when a certain amount of megabytes are reached. You can also select the time interval for statistics to be updated: 30 seconds, 1 minute, every 5, 15 or 30 minutes or every hour. The app defaults by the minute.

You can even configure a toolbar icon to see the status. Be aware that the light is always green!

Conclusion: We cannot say that 3G Watchdog is the crme de la crme in terms of the functionality it intends to offer its users. Much better NetCounter, for example. The app runs in the background and starts automatically when you restart your device. Compared to NetCounter, the alarm and icon are better solutions. We only give more than three stars because the app lacks things like indicating which app uses the most power, for example.

Screen & Controls

The controls of the 3G Watchdog are very simple. Basically we can talk about the existence of two screens. One in which the relevant adjustments are made and the other one that appears when you want to know the traffic data.

In our view, all very well explained. Everything about your mobile data can be viewed at a glance. The alerting feature that the next monthly usage quota is approaching is very interesting and works perfectly.

Speed ??& Stability

3G Watchdog runs smoothly and without interruption. Every day we tested the app, everything worked very well.

Price / Performance Ratio

3G Watchdog is available for download from our App Center and does not cost a toast.