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Why is Vim so hard and so loved by programmers?

* This article was written by: Marcos from the Terminal Root channel.

The fact that it's "hard" for me is relative. Nothing more difficult than what we do not know how to use and requires us to get out of the comfort zone to understand, for example, some programming languages ??that use a lot of mixed-case and mixed-class names and methods, I have a huge difficulty of I adapt, but there are a lot of people who prefer and find it easier to memorize them.

I prefer C-like languages, ie all tiny.

VIM is highly customizable, and you can leave it exactly the way you want it. Adapting my taste for Vim, I can say that because it is highly customizable, a point that is noticeable to me, starting with the system I chose too (Gentoo), high customization power: you can turn Vim into any editor you know , yes this is possible! By contrast, the reverse is not true.

And that's the cool thing about Vim! Someone once asked for my ".vimrc", but let's say it would not fit him, because this kind of personal file, the people who make their own certainly remove a lot.

For example, in my Vim:

– Also saved with ** Ctrl + s **;

– Exited the editor without having to run the **: q ** command, but simply by pressing the ** q ** key;

– My tutorials are written in Markdown for Jekyll with YAML syntax, ie emojis, blocks, … all specific I insert by pressing keystrokes.

– Substitutions are also automatic;

And a lot of other things, like: abbreviations, commands, mappings, my plugins (I'm talking about the ones I created) … and so on.

In short, concluding and answering the title question:

If you chose it, because you like customizations and malleability. Over time, using it in everyday life, you will evolve and get more advanced, that is in any system, programming language and anything else, even unrelated technology, that is, the same rule applies to the text editor you choose, Not only I came, but also him.

One way to understand what has been said in practice is through Marcos's "Course of Modern Life and Vimscript", by Terminal Root channel, author of this article.

For you that you want to acquire, there are two ways:

By Udemy, there you will be able to download all PDF Handouts and watch the videos and can interact with questions and comments, with 70% off right now for Diolinux readers.

The difference from Udemy to the site is that through the site, besides you can download the PDFs, you can also download the files and the videos.

What will you learn?

– Techniques of use, complete approach;

– VimScript, Vim's programming language so you can create your own plugins and / or custom commands and mappings;

– Total editor customization your way;

– NeoVim;

– Games; Extra utility tips;

And much more!

Be sure to take this opportunity to learn one of the most beloved software in the UNIX world!