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Was Apple planning to return the "rainbow" logo?

There is a rumor that, if it happens, it will not change anything in the order of things, but leave a slight smile on the face of many: according to the MacRumors, Apple would be planning the return of its iconic "rainbow" logo in some of the company's products and it could reappear as early as 2019.

The information came from a source full of connections within Cupertino and, as you note MacRumors, must be viewed with some degree of skepticism; the rainbow logo, after all, is representative of another Apple era and can get a little weird in the company's current design language. With Jony Ive's exit, however, everything is possible.

True, Ive himself, even with his ultra-minimalist philosophy, had always been sympathetic to the rainbow: it was the designer's idea to decorate Apple Park with multicolored motifs (including a flashy beautiful stage) at the complex's official opening celebration, with Lady Gaga's special presentation. Ive stated at the time that "the rainbow has been part of Apple's identity for years" and "brings a positive and joyful representation" of the company's inclusion values.

Apple Park decorated in rainbow colors for the inauguration and tribute to Steve JobsApple Park decorated in rainbow colors for the inauguration and tribute to Steve Jobs

To be clear, the idea is not to make the "rainbow" logo Apple's official again; the mark would only apply to some products, perhaps as a special edition species think of something like (PRODUCT) RED we have today. Although there is no information on which products could be branded, a good bet is Mac, which is Apple's oldest line and has the "rainbow" logo as a good basis for its history.

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