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Top 5 articles of the week on AndroidPIT

MWC Week, lots of news and of course the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 it rocketed up to the most read news podium of the week. But the devices already launched also received the deserved attention (given the Moto G and your maintenance update and the Moto X and its usage tips). In addition, the Google Now Launcher has arrived Play Store for selected devices. Finally, check out our first comparison between the Galaxy S5 and its 2014 rivals.

the ever-evolving Android universe!

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Samsung introduced the Galaxy S5 and with him confirmed almost all rumors. The company's new flagship comes with a digital sensor, an optimized camera and a waterproof housing. A real surprise was the pulse sensor – and a new user interface that reminds me a lot of iOS 7.

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Not even updates of operating system versions live the world of smartphones. O Moto G already has the Android 4.4.2 board, but starts to receive from today a maintenance update to fix some bugs. See the details in the link above.

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It's no secret that my opinion about Moto X is that this is one of the best smartphones ever made in recent times. That's no exaggeration, because the more I use the device, the more and more features are coming out. So, I decided to share here some Moto X tips and tricks I went collecting through the net.

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The famous launcher Nexus 5 finally arrives Google Play Store for select devices. Previously called Google Experience Launcher, LNG can now be downloaded to all Nexus and Google Play Edition devices.


The Galaxy S5 has finally seen the light of day, and like every much anticipated device has generated opinions of all kinds. After our first test with the device, we'll have to wait a little longer before trying it again. In the meantime, how about objectively seeing what Samsung's new flagship has (or doesn't have) against its top competitors at the moment?


Good carnival and even Monday!

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