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Tenda Manufacturer Introduces New Routers with Mesh Technology

The network device manufacturer, Tentannounced its new technology-supported routers Mesh, which aims to maintain the quality of wireless internet distribution over a large area.


Connection mode is increasingly popular and efficient

Official Website: Tenda Nova MW3Official Website: Tenda Nova MW5

Routers arrive to make up the line New, and bring options for environments up to 500m2. The equipment still brings technologies such as signal distribution Wave 2.0 MU-MIMO, Beamforming + and Auto-Path Selection.

According to the company, all of this serves to enable the handset to communicate with you wireless devices at the same time. In total, there is support for up to 40 to 60 connected devices at one time.

The new products have a different proposal from other routers. They have high connectivity thanks to technology that prevents signal oscillation. With Nova appliances, a two-storey facility, for example, can receive signal from a single point with full speed and high quality. "– Arnaldo Mapelli, Tenda Commercial Manager in Brazil

O New MW6 The model has a coverage capacity of up to 500 m2, and even features two gigabit Ethernet ports on each of its three mesh cubes. Meanwhile, the New MW3 more suitable for areas between 100m2 and 300m2, bringing connections of 5GHz and 2.4GHz.

"Our solutions meet a consumer reality of IoT services and devices, such as the new smart home models, which demand stable networks."– Arnaldo Mapelli, Tenda Commercial Manager in Brazil