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Siri will soon adapt to your favorite messaging and calling apps

For those who say that Apple adamant, a future company action, announced today, shows that it is more than willing to find a compromise to help users (and developers) for the inertia of their systems, especially in relation to Crab.

Did not understand very well? I explain: in a report published earlier today by Bloomberg, the Cupertino giant was asked about the increase in the number of pre-installed apps itself on its gadgets, and the inability to use third-party apps as default options instead of native features. Behold, shortly after the inquiry, Apple issued a statement to the vehicle confirming that a future iOS update will ?loosen? the restrictions on Siri support for third-party messaging apps.

This means that when the update is released, Siri will default to the most commonly used messaging apps. In that sense, if anyone uses WhatsApp more than iMessage to communicate with someone else, for example, Siri will start a new WhatsApp conversation. Of course, developers will need to implement and enable new Siri functionality in their applications when it becomes available.

Currently, when iPhone users ask Siri to call or send a message to someone, the system uses Apple's Phone and Messaging apps by default; however, if you want to use WhatsApp or Skype, I need to say that specifically. According to Ma, this functionality will also be expanded for calls made through third-party phone apps, but was not informed when this occurs.

It is worth emphasizing that it will not be possible to set third-party apps as standard on an iPhone, instead, Siri (presumably from machine learning) understands your preferences and indicates, based on their use, which messaging app to use. . Nevertheless, the novelty will certainly contribute (and much) to the user experience, making this process even simpler and more intuitive.

In a statement, Apple also responded to the antitrust charge for allegedly ?prioritizing? its apps over others available on the App Store. Check out the full answer below:

Apple offers its users an experience that is only possible with the integration between hardware, software and services. From the very first iPhone, we've included apps to give customers a great experience for making calls, playing music, surfing the web, and more. With each generation of iPhone, we enhance the internal features for our customers with some standard applications designed to deliver optimum performance, save battery usage, integrate multiple features and protect users with cutting-edge security and privacy technologies. We also created the App Store, the safest place to get apps, so customers can choose from millions of apps and find ones that further enhance their iPhones. In the few categories where Apple also has an app, we have many successful competitors and we are proud that their success accounts for nearly 2 million US jobs in a booming developer billion dollar market. Our guiding star always creates the best products for our customers, which is why the iPhone has the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.

It is not yet known exactly which update (or when) the new functionality will be released, only that it will occur later this year. As we said, however, it is not enough to make it available, as developers should implement it in their apps so this can be a very fast process, or quite time consuming.

via MacRumors