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Samsung: New Patent Will Revolutionize Keyboard Idea

If you already found Google Glass innovative, wait to see what Samsung is developing. The next revolution mobile is in the form of glasses, watches and other devices wearables. They have the same functions as a smartphone, but some practical problems. Today was shown the new patent from the South Korean company that comes to solve one of these issues: the keyboard.

samsung patent keyboard
Samsung / Galaxy Club

Smartphone virtual keyboards are already complicated for some users, but at least they have physical space to integrate into the device. With smart glasses and watches this seems impossible: either we dictate what we want to type, or we connect an external keyboard, or we type through a smartphone. Samsung, however, has considered a more creative option.

Voice commands may be the future, but right now they have their limits. The South Korean manufacturer knows this well and came up with the idea of make your hands a keyboard for your smart glasses. Each of the finger phalanges represents a letter or set of letters (a key, in other words) that can be clicked with the thumb. The movements would be recorded by the camera of smart glasses, which would turn them into text.

samsung augmented reality hand keyboard
Samsung / Galaxy Club

What did you think of Samsung's new keyboard patent? Will the idea really be realized?

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