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Safari bug has opened doors for over 1 billion malicious popups in recent months

No one likes to popups and no one likes malicious advertisements that can lead to financial rune. Apple knows this well, and with each version of SafariInbuilt in browser more features to avoid these internet pests. The company is not always successful with this, however.

The digital security company Confiant recently published a study exploring a group called ?eGobbler? that exploits browser and rendering engine holes to carry out malicious and intrusive advertising campaigns. According to research, a bug present in the WebKit (Safari rendering engine) has allowed users in recent months to be bombarded with more than 1 billion in popups containing malicious advertising.

Another flaw similar to this, discovered in Blink (Chrome's rendering engine), had already been fixed by Google in browser version 76, released last June.

Considering both failures, the Windows it was the operating system most affected by bugs, with about 77.9% of occurrences. However, the macOS was also targeted: about 13.9% of the records of popups was seen in the Ma system; O iOS got about 1% of the cases. The most affected countries were Italy, a Spain, a Belgium and the France, showing a preference of malicious agents for the Old World.

Confiant notes that Apple has already fixed the flaw in iOS / iPadOS 13 and Safari 13.0.1, so it's a good idea to update the operating system of your mobile devices and browser version on your Macs if you haven't already done so, clear.

via The Next Web