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NFL Fine American Football Player for Using Apple Watch During Match

THE NFL (National Football LeagueUnited States Professional Football League) fined the quarterback Pittsburgh Steelers, Ben roethlisberger, in $ 5,000 for using an Apple Watch during a match last week. The league is accusing the player of ?rape in uniform?, according to information from the ESPN.

More than a bad luck, it should be noted that Roethlisberger was not playing the day he was caught with the Ma watch because he was recovering from surgery. Still, the player was captured by the cameras of the ESPN just as it raised its arm with Apple Watch, leaving the nerves of the NFL in full bloom.

According to the news, the quarterback Steelers is "shocked" by the fine because he had never received any prior warning that this was a violation of the league uniform guidelines. The NFL strictly probes all electronic devices that can send messages within the field.

A source said ESPN Roethlisberger didn't even know he was wearing an Apple Watch at the moment:

The problem is that he never received any early warning that he might be violating the rules until he received the letter (from the NFL), since neither did he realize that he was using it. Since Roethlisberger was unable to use his right arm, his wife dressed him for Monday night's game and placed Apple Watch on his left wrist.

The player is appealing the fine and ruling on the use of any electronic device during games. The NFL sponsored by Microsoft, who was the official laptop representative for the Super Bowl LIII.

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via 9to5Mac