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New Instagram app focuses on interacting with your best friends

Remember when, almost two years ago, we commented on the possibility of Instagram turn the Direct (your private messaging service) in a separate app? This never happened, but the platform development team seems to have taken this idea and made it a bit broader. I refer to the newest application on the platform called Threads.

The app had already been ?leaked? a few months ago, but is now available to all users. This is a solution that, unlike the main Instagram app, focused on interacting with your close friends, yes, Threads is based on that list of best friends that the network introduced a few months ago, and you can by setting up the app, edit the list of friends you want to interact with there.

Instagram Threads app icon

There are three main screens: camera, which does not have filter options here and is for you to send photos and instant videos to your contacts; The inbox, which is nothing more than a transposition of Direct which displays only your best friends; it's the status, an area that (with some degree of polemics) can automatically ?predict? your current activity, such as ?studying? or ?driving?. You can turn off this prediction, of course.

As you can see, we have here the newest Instagram weapon to decimate the last areas where Snapchat It still has some advantage to remember that around here, the app of the ghost was almost completely abandoned, but in the United States it is still widely used by young people precisely in this communication between close friends. If Threads succeeds in this, we will have to wait and see.


Meanwhile, Instagram has released to all users a feature that has been in the test for some time now: this is the "Restrict"is one action you can take when an account is harassing or practicing bullying on the net with you.

Restricting some on Instagram

By restricting an account, her comments on your posts will no longer be publicly visible; only you can see the content in question to decide whether you want to delete it or release it for public viewing. In addition, the sender will not be able to see if you are online or receive receipts of you from Direct.

To restrict a user, you can simply swipe left on one of your comments; You can also do this on your profiles or on the Instagram Privacy tab.

Instagram app icon