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New app makes videos with two iPhone cameras simultaneously

Beginning with iOS 13, users of newer iPhone models can enjoy an extra feature in their cameras: the ability to do filming with the front and rear lenses simultaneously That's great so that you can, for example, capture your arrival at a beautiful place while recording your own reaction.

However, not everything is flowers: firstly, it should be noted that XR iPhones, XS / XS Max, 11 and 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max are capable of accomplishing the feat. Also, you will not find an option corresponding to it in the native camera app of the handsets the functionality must be incorporated by third party apps. right here that comes in the DuetCam.

DuetCam app icon

The app, by Portuguese developer Marcel Schmitz, has exactly that purpose: let you capture video using your iPhone's front and rear cameras at the same time, without complex interfaces (like FiLMiC Pro, which will do the same thing soon) or a very wide range of options.

Still, we have some interesting features here. You can switch between the different rear cameras of the handsets, as well as share the recorded video directly to a Story on Instagram. Soon, Schmitz promises to add new features to the app, such as different shooting layouts, transition between cameras and other effects.

DuetCam can be purchased from the App Store for R $ 10.90. Remember, once again, that it is only compatible with iOS 13 or later and only with the above mentioned iPhone models.

via 9to5Mac