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Humble Bundle Brings Games to Ubuntu

The time to buy several games has come …

the Humble Bundle

Today the third edition of the Humble Bundle for Android And although it brings games that are available for Android, by purchasing the package you can also download versions for Mac, and Ubuntu. And in the case of the latter, there are three new games that can be downloaded directly from the distro Software Center.

The Humble Bundle scheme is well known to gamers: by paying any amount, you are entitled to a certain number of games to download. By paying over a certain amount, you can also download these games through Steam, and by paying a little more you get one or more extra games.

In the case of Humble Bundle, from $ 6.00 you get five Android games, and you can also download them for Ubuntu (plus Mac versions). With Steam already confirmed for the Linux, an opportunity to have good games on various platforms paying a mixaria. And, what is better, you still help charity when making the purchase. The games are SpaceCHEM and Uplink, which already own a version for Ubuntu, and Spirits, Fieldrunners and BIT. TRIP BEAT, newcomers to the system.

But calm down there is more: in addition to the five games, you also get the free original soundtrack of the games, free in FLAC and MP3 format and without DRM, at no extra cost, so you can copy to your Android phone, your iPhone, your iPod, or any other device you use.

So make sure the promotion is for a limited time, download your games almost for free, without piracy and all the law, and enjoy some fun while copying files via SSH or analyzing server traffic.

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