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How to sync your music with Google Play Music

For many iTunes is still the first option for managing the music collection on the desktop. Google itself recognizes this and offers the possibility of sync iTunes library with Android smartphone and Google Play Music. This tutorial shows how to do this.


Your music in the cloud and on your Android device

With Music Manager, Google offers a tool with which you can add music from your PC to your cloud library so it's available anywhere. Individual songs or albums can be downloaded back to your smartphone or tablet so you don't have to use the internet connection at all times.

Upload music with Google Play Music

Our tutorial for Windows is based on the assumption that you already have a Google Play Music account. If you don't already have it, you can do it quickly in the Google Play store.

With the following steps you can upload music from your computer and iTunes:

  • First you need to install Music Manager. In the desktop browser, open the Play Store music section and click My Music;
  • In the upper right corner you find the Upload music. Click on it;
  • click in Download Music Manager;
  • Follow the installation instructions;
  • Start Manager and sign up with your Google account;
  • Then select the destination to save your music collection to;
  • The program searches your entire collection, and you have the option of saving it in its entirety or just single titles or lists;
  • Finally, you can configure Manager to automatically sync all added titles in iTunes. This and other options can be selected by right-clicking on the taskbar headset symbol. There you can also see the status of your uploads.
Automatic synchronization option of the songs. / AndroidPIT

By the app Play music, you can now access your cloud-saved music directly from your Android. This will obviously require a Wi-Fi or data transfer connection. Next I will show how you can download the music on your device.

Saving music from Google Play Music on Android

  • Open the Play Music app
  • In My Music you can select between All Titles and On Device. Choose what should be saved;
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Selecting the songs to download. / AndroidPIT
<li>By clicking on the gray pin button you can lower the barrel. Progress be shown in orange. By the same button music can also be removed;</li>
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Downloading music from the cloud Play Music for your Android. / AndroidPIT

In the free version of Google Play Music You can upload 20,000 titles in all, and download at your leisure whenever you want to listen on your Android device.

Google Play Music
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