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Hero 5 Black was the fastest selling camera in GoPro history

The camera maker GoPro has released new sales figures and revealed that the Hero 5 Black model, launched two years ago, is the fastest selling camera in the company's history.

Alone, the camera has sold 4 million units since the second half of 2016 until now. The number surpassed Hero4 Silver, which hit the market in 2014 and was the former owner of the title.

In all, GoPro has revealed that it has sold 30 million steel cameras worldwide. "This sales brand highlights consumer interest in GoPro," said GoPro CEO Nicholas Woodman.


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The positive tone of the numbers show a recovery of the company after a turbulent start of the year. In early 2018, the company ceased to operate in the drone market and stated that it was open for acquisitions.

In March, the company announced a licensing agreement and began working in partnership with Jabil, a company that produces lenses and sensors.

The company is also betting on the 360 ??video market with the camera GoPro Fusion.

Via: Venture Beat