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Groopic – include the photographer in group photos! [Atualizado]

If you're like me, your group photos often don't look good. Either you try to do a giant group selfie, a la Ellen Degeneres during the Oscars, or you try to support your phone (with its rounded edges) on something, set the timer, run out, pose and smile as fast as you can before stop the light from flashing. This circus procedure can be avoided thanks to an application called Groopic. Photographers can easily be integrated into a group photo, thanks to the ingenious idea of ??this app.

androidpit groopic teaser

Groopic can be installed for free from the Google Play Store and is super easy to use. Right at the start of the app you will have a quick tutorial to show how it works. Basically, you have two photographers who take a picture each. The first photographer sits with the group and the picture taken. Then the person who just took the picture sits in a space that has been reserved for her, while the second photographer picks up the smartphone.

androidpit moovic 4
Take the first picture. / AndroidPIT

There is a sketch of the objects in the image to show you the exact position in the previous photo, so you need to align exactly accordingly. Then the second photographer takes the second photo while the first person assumes his position.

androidpit moovic 1
Then just take the second photo and align the edges that are shown during the process. / AndroidPIT

The results get really cool and it's really hard to say that I work two images. There are also some cool hipsters filters that you can put on top. Then just share the image through your various social networks!

androidpit moovic 3
Identify who the photographers are, save, add a filter and share! / AndroidPIT

So try this app the next time you don't want to miss out on a group photo! Just take the two pictures and you're done.

Install Groopic from the Google Play Store.

Updated March 17, 2014

This is a "freemium" app, meaning the app offers limited functions in the free / trial version, such as "gluing" and filters, but only for payment it operates at full capacity, which means saving your photos on your device at the original resolution, for example.

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