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Google changes some security policies in Google Play Store

We all know that the Google Play Store is always the target of malicious software because of unscrupulous people who spread viruses in the form of games downloaded from the Google Play Store and spread malware among users. Google needs to eliminate a number of applications from time to time because they look like viruses. So what could be an open market for developers and users sometimes becomes a nightmare. Often the antivirus used on the smartphone does not work as it should, and for this reason, Google changes the Google Play Store security policy specifically for developers to provide a safe market for Android users.

New Security Policies on Google Play Store

Last week, cyber security company Trustware announced that it had circumvented Google app store surveillance software called Bouncer, and perhaps for that reason the company has created new security rules for the Google Play Store. Among all the new regulations, here are two very relevant questions:

  • Limit the use of names or icons that confuse existing applications for the purpose of confusing users.
  • Provide more details about apps considered dangerous and not allowed in the Google Play Store. For example, applications that disclose personal information without the consent of the user.

You can read all Google Play Store terms and conditions at the following link: Google Play Store Terms and Conditions.

All of these changes are aimed primarily at developers so that they too can protect their own work. At the same time, the goal is also to make a clearer and more accurate investigation into the Google Apps store and to protect anyone from malware. This will prevent others from leveraging the popularity of an app to gain visibility.

Source: HDBlog