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What do Mike Portnoy, Neal Peart, John Dolmayan, John Bonham, Dave Grohl, Igor Cavalera, Travis Barker and Ringo Starr have in common? Devotion to drumsticks, or rather drums. With that in mind, we take advantage of the section of experts who test Android apps to introduce some apps for playing drums on mobile. This week I spent a few hours with Matze, a drummer who three years ago adopted the instrument and agreed to participate in this test even without believing how she could play the drums on a mobile device.

The smartphone used was a HTC Desire HD, with a 4.3 inch screen, if we take into consideration that to play a battery you need a space of at least 2m, can already imagine what was the first complaint, right? However, after 10 minutes with the apps, it already looked like Matze had been using the app since a young child! Let's go to the comments.

3. Real Drum

At first Real Drum looks like the perfect app, putting aside the sound quality and the animations, left a lot to be desired in Matze's opinion:

  • There is no possibility to record a song
  • The app does not offer different positions for the various instruments that make up a drum
  • There is no possibility to insert or remove parts such as cymbals, hi-hat, tone, deaf, bass drum: "Normally, it is not possible to play the drums with all the parts, in this case, it is very difficult to play the tone when there are 3 options of the same instrument. four dishes on them, "said our expert.

2. Drum Set

The Drum Set is more interesting than Real Drum because it offers the "Switch Layout" command that changes the arrangement of the pieces according to the musical style:

  • Basic DrumSet
  • Big Concet Set
  • Jazz set
  • Double bass set

But again, it does not offer the user the ability to record the music they are playing.

1. Drum Kit

"If you could sum it up, this is a complete drumming app here (smartphone)," Matze added upon learning that all previous claims are part of the Drum Kit:

  • Through a parts gallery, you insert and remove parts of the battery with 25 options!
  • Offers two sound effects
  • Record the played music
  • Changes the position of the pieces


Do you think you could play music using a drum app? "Why not? Today there are different ways to play drums, such as an electronic drum, where you play without the use of drumsticks. This will depend on the drummer's coordination and sound quality. You would need to play the drums through a drummer." app connected to an amplifier to be more precise. But I think it's possible! "

It is worth noting here that after 40 minutes using the apps, the phone's battery level dropped from 100 to 20%. That is, if you want a presentation longer than one hour, connect the mobile device to a power source.

At the end, I asked Matze if she would form a band with people playing different instruments through apps, after successful seconds, she turns to me, with the most dubious face I've ever seen and says:

"Maybe!", Then started to laugh a lot.

Below you check out the video where Matze first plays the drums and then the app:

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