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Drone almost hit by helicopter during flight, watch video

The images, uploaded by the drone owner Masih persian on your youtube channel show 4k captures made with a DJI Mavic Pro Platinum flying over Hollywood Beach, at Fluid. From the image it is possible to see that the drone is flying really high, reaching even the last floors of the buildings that appear in the capture when suddenly a helicopter appears next to the small aircraft and passes very close to hitting it. See the video below.

Although some people think about how he did not see the helicopter approaching, it is worth remembering that at this point it is much more likely that he was looking at the phone screen and did not see the aircraft approaching. Judging by the speed with which the moment happened, she barely had time to see him approaching and by the time she realized it was over.


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According to the site DJ drone, the area overflown and the height reached by the drone in the video allowed, the owner would be against the law only if at the time the drone took off there was any temporary measure (TFR) that prohibited it.

Take off one drone This may seem like a simple task, especially for those who are used to piloting these quadcopteros so popular these days. But I need to have a lot of care before flying over somewhere in a city or even in more remote environments.

No video below Casey neistat, known worldwide for its videos with drones, Draws attention to some of the care needed before climbing a drone. Those involved in the video even inform the local authorities that they will use the airspace and go to a more reserved space at sea before taking off.

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