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D-Link Announces Whole Home Wi-Fi System 3-Pack Mesh Router Kit

The D-Link introduced its new mesh router kit 3-pack Dual-Band Whole Home Wi-Fi System (COVR-C1203), which arrives to provide quality Internet coverage in very extensive homes and businesses.

The packet with 3 routers gives a signal of Wi-Fi AC1200 and has the capacity to cover an area of ??up to 464m2. According to the company, the mesh system is fast enough to support multiple devices performing intensive tasks such as simultaneous HD video streaming.

"With this new addition to our Covr line, we are closing the gap between early adopters of technology and everyday users. The new Covr Dual-Band Whole Home Wi-Fi System enables consumers enjoy stable, consistent and integrated Wi-Fi no matter what size or shape of your home. "– Nima Jamshidi, Product Manager at D-Link Systems

The system features Smart Roaming technology, which keeps devices connected to the strongest signal available, allowing users to roam freely around the environment without losing connection. Smart Steering automatically directs the device to the most optimized internet bandwidth, reducing video crashes and lag in games.

The Whole Home Wi-Fi 3-pack Dual-Band Wi-Fi System (Covr C1203) costs $ 250 in direct markets in international markets.

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