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Camera MX Free | AndroidPIT

Even those who are not professional photographers may have heard of photo filters and actions to edit them. Camera MX Free is the new version of the free app and with something very special: free of advertising banners. Follow our review and see what this app capable.

Functions & Usage

The requested permissions are as expected for this type of app. The first impressions we get from Camera MX Free are really positive: there are options to check out and also to adjust settings, access online memory and local media click on an image.

We don't want to go into the details of each of these options because it would take us a long time. We invite you to try everything you can and see which options are the best.

What sets Camera MX Free apart from other photo apps? First, the app is no social network: just one app is enough. The main positive aspect of MX filters and effects can be tested live or just in time, ie to see before the photo what result you have to choose from. Not only all Android smartphones have this feature, which makes Camera MX even more useful. Not to mention that it adds a hundred filters to your phone.

The app is a lot of fun and the image quality is very good. In fact, they are on the same level as the standard HTC One X camera, for example. Some drawbacks: The user interface didn't seem very intuitive at first. In addition, some impediments in One X when using more complex FX, which really should not happen on high-end devices. The camcorder is not interesting considering that there are other much better apps.

There are of course many advantages in the app. A great feature to tag the photos. One of the most interesting options is the random filter, especially when it lacks inspiration to decide which one is best suited for a certain photo. Maybe the app can be more sensitive than you think.

Conclusion:Camera MX Free has greatly improved with respect to previous verse. Very interesting is the integration with the option for online memory and photo sharing via social networks. There is a lot to improve, but nothing to check the reputation of the app.

Screen & Controls

Camera MX Free is easy to use and the initial presentation doesn't draw much attention. The app has some bumps when passing through filters and when trying to modify some setting. It is endowed with some fun features like a slideshow of photos and controls that are logical once you get used to them.

Speed ??& Stability

Camera MX Free could improve in terms of speed. For example, when you try to make a video recording, see that nothing happens in the first few seconds. We noticed some inconvenient interruptions, especially during the live test of our HTC One X. In other situations, the app never crashed.

Price / Performance Ratio

Camera MX Free can be downloaded for free from our App Center and Google Play.