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Apple shares break new record; company equals Microsoft in market value

Since returning brand of $ 1 rail, Apple drove a low tide in its shares and grew back on the stock market. For this upward trajectory has reached its pinpoint today (so far at least): $ AAPL beat its historical record in unit value during today's NASDAQ nail.

During the day, the value of Ma's action reached $ 237.64, number never seen before in company history. After nail closure, it closed with a value of $ 236.21, sufficient for a market value of almost $ 1.07 rail that put the company on an equal footing with Microsoft. For those who do not remember, the former arch-rival of Ma has spent much of recent months ahead of Cupertino giant in market value.

The good sea of ??Apple comes at a time when United States and China They begin talks to possibly settle the trade war that is unfolding throughout the year. According to the Reuters, the two countries today agreed to put into practice the first step in an agreement to end conflicts; If the experiment works, it is possible that power relations will return to normal soon.

Let us now see how these numbers will behave in the near future.

via MacRumors