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Apple promotes Swift language in schools during European Programming Week

This month, more precisely between 5 and 20 October, several countries in Europe will celebrate the European Program WeekIt is a popular initiative supported by the European Commission that aims to stimulate programming knowledge for students of all ages.

Among the companies supporting the program are Apple, which through projects such as Everyone Can Code (?Everyone Can Program?) helps democratize app development education.

In addition to promoting its Swift programming language, Apple says more and more schools and educational facilities rely on the power and versatility of the curriculum proposed by Everyone Can Code, supporting the idea that everyone, including students, can program and develop applications today.

Before, children sat there (in schools) and waited for things to happen. But kids with a programming mindset know that if they do something, something happens. There is an exit if they put an entry they are more ingenious in terms of problem solving ability.

Ma said that more than 5,000 educational institutions are using the program curriculum. Everyone Can Code in Europe, making the Swift language one of the most widely used among European Program Week participating schools.

In 2018, 2.7 million people in more than 70 countries participated in the US Code Weekby encouraging various programming-related activities at participating schools.

In Portugal, 276 activities will be carried out in dozens of institutions linked to the program. It is possible to register your teaching unit on this site. At the Brazil, the Our World Educational Center (CENOM) in the city of Rio de Janeiro, also offer some activities during the program.