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Xiaomi launches bundles of multiple products using same name and value as new line of iPhones

The Chinese manufacturer of electronic devices Xiaomi launched a product line with the same name and value as the new iPhones. The company considered by many to be the "Apple of China" and its strategy was to get the Chinese consumer to see how many products he could take home with the value of an iPhone.

The first kit XR Suit, the cheapest version, costing 6499 yuan ($ 947), that the price of iPhone XR in China, and is included in the package: one Mi Air Notebook, with 12.5 "display with 4 + 256 GB; one smartphone Mi 8 SE in gray with 6 + 128 GB; a smartwatch Mi Band 3; it is a Mi Bluetooth Headset Mini black.

The second package the XS Suitcosting 8,699 Yuan (US $ 1,268), which also the value of iPhone XS in China. This package contains: one Mi Notebook Air 13.3 "; the smartphone Mi Mix 2S, black with 6 "screen and 8 GB + 256 GB; one smartwatch Mi Band 3; it is a Mi Bluetooth Mini Headset black.

The latter is priced at iPhone XS Max, and the most expensive version, is being marketed in China by 9,599 yuan ($ 1,398). To match that value, Xiaomi is offering: Mi Notebook Prowith 13 "; a smartphone Mi 8 black, 6 GB + 128 GB; smartwatch Mi Band 3; and a headset, Mi Bluetooth Collar.

Product packages are only being marketed in China, where consumers are very interested in Apple. The final price of the products together do not correspond to the individual price added, the handsets are discounted in the kits.

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