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WiFi File Explorer PRO | AndroidPIT

Many of us literally hate wires. We stand among them. When we don't lose them literally. It is best when you need your USB cable to transfer data from your computer to your smartphone and find that you have lost it. How about you stop using wires for this kind of activity? Maybe the WiFi File Explorer PRO app is the solution to your cable and wire drama. Read our review and draw your conclusions.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy Nexus with 4.0.2

The app features are very simple. Once installed, the app launches the so-called local host server. This means that this server is installed on your phone and can only be accessed over the local network, which means that there is no danger that your data will be available to any other user. Also, as soon as you close the app, the server becomes unavailable.

The application creates this server and provides the user with some details about the WiFi connection (IP address and port: for example, In the Settings section, you can enter a password, choose a specific port, and a main directory. There you can still make adjustments to the interface view.

To access the data, you must enter the address displayed in the browser window of the PC (regardless of which operating system you are using). Shortly thereafter, you will be prompted for the password already created and you will be taken to the web interface. This is very similar to a file explorer, a Windows Explorer of life. Above you can view the current path, including all files and folders that appear in a table with information on file extension, size and modification data.

On the left, a tree structure is displayed. Here you can view all folders, which can be moved with just a swipe of the finger. Using the context menu (a small arrow in the file name) or the multiple selection menu buttons, you can download a certain file to your computer, delete it, copy it, compress it or decompress it. Only can not cut. On the right, you will find information about memory and signal strength. Another important feature is that allows uploading files, which allows copying files in the current directory.

Conclusion:WiFi File Explorer PRO contains all the features of a file manager. The only problem is that file transfer via WiFi is slower. This may not be a big problem for those who want to get rid of the inconvenience of having cables.

Screen & Controls

The WiFi File Explorer PRO user interface is very simple and intuitive. Simple as any file manager. Just swipe and release to get what you want. We cannot complain in this category.

Speed ??& Stability

As we have already mentioned, WiFi File Explorer PRO's problem is its speed. It is obvious that the transfer via USB cable faster, but in situations of less heavy file transfers, the app is a good choice. Also, very stable.

Price / Performance Ratio

The WiFi File Explorer PRO is costing 0.84 (approximately $ 0.99) in our App Center. There are other free apps that offer the same, but with some limitation (file size limit to be downloaded, for example).

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