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What soft girl? See what the new fashion and style of the Internet means | Internet

Soft girls are one of the new sensations on the Internet. Succeeding on social networks TikTok and Instagram, the new term represents a popular style among young girls. Formerly known as "Baby girls", they follow a more childish look and often wear colorful clothes with lighter colors like pink and lils. Hearts, teddy bears and hairpins are just some of the ever-present items in soft girls' photographs and videos.

Search volume for the term has been increasing, according to the platform that monitors Internet searches, Google Trends. Its popularity has grown in Brazil since June of this year, reaching its peak of demand in late September. The use of hashtag #SoftGirl already surpasses the 120,000 post mark, with several pictures and videos of young girls. In TikTok, popular short video app for Android and iPhone (iOS), you can find thousands of posts by girls who call themselves soft girls, increasingly popularizing the term within the platform. Other new styles that are also successful are VSCO Girl and e-girl.

What VSCO Girl? See what the new fashion and style of the Internet means

Soft girls have become famous on social networks like TikTok and Instagram Photo: Divulgao / TikTokSoft girls have become famous on social networks like TikTok and Instagram Photo: Divulgao / TikTok

Soft girls have become famous on social networks like TikTok and Instagram Photo: Divulgao / TikTok

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Softs girls are women, mostly teenagers, who like to dress in light colors, such as pink, and resemble a more childlike look. The term was born on social networks, especially with shared videos on TikTok, and resembles the old "Baby Girls" popular on Tumblr. These young girls are known for wearing happier clothes with little makeup and various accessories such as bows, bows, hairpins and hearts.

The category of girls who call themselves soft girls has grown in recent months. This trend has intensified with the rising wave of k-popis the genre of Korean pop music. Usually its members, both in girl bands how much in boy bands, have more cheerful looks, with the combination of various vibrant colors, with own styles, which are imitated by this new set of girls.

How are the photos / videos on TikTok?

TikTok was the social network responsible for making the term soft girl famous for its ease of making short video montages and sharing across platforms. It is usually with video montages that several shared contents in this category meet. Girls, initially dressed as e-girls, sulking in dark clothes and heavy make-ups, undergo a transformation and see soft girls, wearing new clothes, with light makeup and vibrant colors.

Another platform that helped make the term popular was Instagram, today's largest social photo network. In it, soft girls post photos with their colorful look, usually in open spaces and during the day, a trend that resembles spring and its cheerful tones. The shared photos are known for their montages, with colorful stickers of hearts, flowers, clouds, among others. Most of the time, these montages are accompanied by bear, animal and cartoon figures, always reminding the child environment.

The soft girls are known for their cheerful and colorful looks, always with vibrant colors and pastis, such as pink, lils, yellow, among others. Your accessories are usually ties and hairpins, overalls, loose clothing with patches of flowers and butterflies glued to them. In makeup, light and unflattering colors are always used, like pink blush lightweight, and eyeliner is almost never used. Your hair is usually its natural color, and is rarely dyed other shades.

They also often reconcile their looks using teddy bears, velvet and sequins to characterize their style. His clothes often have English phrases like "baby" and "cute", as well as the constant presence of Disney characters on their prints. Artists such as Melanie Martinez and Girls Generation are considered style references for soft girls.

Differences and similarities with VSCO Girl and e-girls

Soft girls resemble VSCO girls and can be confused at times. Both categories have the custom of using more basic visuals and clean. However, VSCO girls are adept at using more sober and common colors, such as white, and simpler clothes, which don't draw such attention. The main difference lies in the look adopted in the images shared on social networks. Soft girls are known for editing their pictures with heart and cartoon collages, unlike the new "Tumblr girls" who post their images with little editing.

Already e-girls are the opposite of soft girls, since they have a look with dark colors, predominantly the use of black and red. Heavy makeup and chains are some of the items used by electronic girls. Soft girls are often seen as the opposite of e-girls. Their similarity, however, is in its origin: both categories are popularized through TikTok and compete for space among the thousands of videos shared daily on the social network.