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What e-girl? See what the new fashion and style of the Internet means | Internet

The e-girls, or electronic girls, are succeeding on the Internet by introducing a new visual style among young girls. Coming up with the help of TikTok and Instagram, the new class of girls is inspired by the "emo" and "gothic" looks and follows a style heavier and differentiated in relation to aesthetics clean predominant in social networks currently with VSCO Girl and Soft Girl. Colorful hair, chains and heavy make-up add to the sad and melancholy music style and have become hallmarks of the new wave of e-girls.

The popularity of the name has grown in recent months. Demand for the term has been on the rise since February, peaking in Brazil in September, according to Google Trends, the Internet's search monitoring platform. On Instagram, you can already find over 628,000 posts with the hashtag #egirl, with shared content from around the world. On TikTok, the popular Android and iPhone (iOS) app, there are thousands of videos of young girls showing off their transformation into e-girls and sharing their look and lifestyle.

What VSCO Girl? See what the new fashion and style of the Internet means

The e-girls got famous on TikTok, popular short video app Photo: Divulgao / TikTokThe e-girls got famous on TikTok, popular short video app Photo: Divulgao / TikTok

The e-girls got famous on TikTok, popular short video app Photo: Divulgao / TikTok

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The latest counterculture of the traditional influencers On the Internet, e-girls are mostly teenage women who are inspired by and resemble the emo look, popular in the early 2000s. They are known to use darker, heavier accessories, as well as being a major user of video games. . With this new wave, the term no longer has a negative connotation to be used ironically by those who identify themselves as "e-girls".

The new concept of eletronic girls came along with the recent growth of TikTok, a platform that allows the recording and editing of short videos. Several in-app publications made with the hashtag #egirl showed girls with heavy makeup, dark clothes and colored hair. Most of these videos show "ordinary" girls turning into e-girls.

Despite its recent popularization, the term has been known on the Internet for many years by the public of electronic games. Users of Urban dictionary they defined e-girls as young women who used online games to attract men's attention by flirting with them. Belle Delphine, a popular Instagram user, recently became known for selling her bath water for $ 30 to "thirsty young players," reminding everyone of the first wave in which the term became known.

How are the photos / videos on TikTok?

TikTok has become the main means of spreading the new wave of electronic girls Because it is a network that allows the sharing of videos made with the assembly and compilation of various parts. In this way, the videos in which "ordinary" girls, many of them similar to VSCO girls and softs girls, became detached from these chains became e-girls, gaining a new look and a new personality.

This new class of girls has also gained space on Instagram, the largest social image sharing network today. With their striking clothes and distinctive poses, their photos are known for their colorful montages, usually with stickers from Korean children's designs, such as Hello Kitty, or skulls and morbid figurines. E-girls are quickly recognized by the combination of their eye-catching look and color photos.

E-girls are commonly known for their eye-catching look, with bold and dark colors, whether on clothing or accessories. Generally, these young girls have colored hair, often colored in two or more colors, with degradation. Dark and thick eyeliner, often applied also under the eyes, blush pink on the cheeks and nose, and dark shadows are some of the make-up marks used.

Their clothes are inspired by anime and rock bands, similar to those used by emos. Black and long shirts, many worn over each other creating several layers and line skirts, mixed with chains attached to the belt, complete the look of the electronic girls. Musical taste for sad and melancholy songs is another hallmark of the class. Artists like Billie Eilish and Avril Lavigne are considered style references for e-girls.

Differences and similarities with VSCO girls and soft girls

By identifying themselves as e-girls, these young girls seek to completely break free from a visual pattern spread by VSCO girls and soft girls. The former are known to have a more "basic" look, using a more clean It is common in relation to that of all young women today, remembering the old "Tumblr girls".

Soft girls are known to have a more "cute" and childish look, very similar to the known "baby girls". They wear youthful clothes, such as skirts and colorful dresses, and often pose for their pictures in pink, imitating a more childlike look.

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