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Virtual House App: Simulate Power Consumption and Calculate Your Bill

The summer has come for good, and even with special hours to make the most of natural light and reduce energy consumption, the use of appliances such as air conditioners increase the electricity bill at the end of the month. But the app launched last year by the power generation and transmission company Furnas Centrais Eltricas may help. He allows simulate the consumption of your electrical appliances, identify which ones use the most energy, and know the approximate amount of your month's electricity bill.

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<p>On the home screen the app features three options: Flashlight, Stopwatch and My Home. </p><div class=


Triggers the flash LED of the smartphone camera.


It presents a list of electro-electronic devices and allows you to select the region of the country where you reside. With this, it is possible to simulate the energy expenditure of a particular device through the timer, which records the consumption in kWh (kilowatt hours) in real time. This feature also lets you know how much you will spend if the selected device stays on for an hour, a day, 15 days, or 30 days.

My house

The last and most interesting section is called "My House". In it, you select the region where you live, since the rates are different in each region of the country, the rooms and environments that exist in your home, the appliances present in each of them and, finally, the average daily consumption. With this, you build your house in the app and it informs you of your approximate total monthly energy expenditure in KWh, along with the amount you see in your account based on this consumption.

The free app is available for Android (version 2.3 or higher) and iOS (version 6.1 or higher). Download and find out what are the viles of your electricity bill! If you tested, tell us what you think about the app!

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