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Top 5 topics from the AndroidPIT forum

The AndroidPIT community has reached more than 500 thousand members and this number has been growing over the weeks. Most users use our forum to ask questions and understand a little more about the possibilities of using Google's operating system. Every week, we scan the most accessed topics from the last seven days and publish them in a special article. After a short holiday break, the Top 5 topics from the AndroidPIT forum!

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Member Dan Arajo provided a ROM Carbon KitKat installation tutorial which, as the name implies, was based on Android 4.4.2. This walkthrough starts from the Galaxy S2 Lite forum and has some known errors, such as automatic screen brightness and wifi that do not work properly. Access the tutorial by clicking on the link above and check out the feature list and some screenshots of the device with the Carbon KitKat UI.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Lite is one of the smartphones that is not at all in the limbo of Android OS development, as many developers use the device to test Google's new ROMs. In our forum, there are a large number of passionate users of S2 Lite and one of them is member Joaog18, creator of the "Galaxy S2 Lite Bar". Accessing this topic gives you a humorous debate about the operating systems available in the mobile market and, moreover, learns more about the features of this Samsung device.

And one more topic created by member Joaog18 was among the top five of the week: the ROM installation tutorial CyanogenMod 11.0 by TEAM P8. TEAM P8 members carried the Galaxy Ace 2 ROM developed by the devs from CM to the S2 Lite, so the software is not official. According to the topic creator, there are some bugs related to the automatic brightness of the screen. For more information on this ROM, access the forum topic by clicking the link above. Congratulations to TEAM P8!

If you are a Nexus 4 owner, you should check out what users have been saying about the experience with the device in our forum. Member Jlio C. has created a discussion topic about Google's first Nexus device in partnership with LG. The discussion already has over 10 pages and provides information about the features of the device and the custom ROMs developed for it. Learn more by clicking the link above.

If you've always heard the word APK or are already aware of what Android file packages are all about, Member Edson Passos was inspired by a tutorial from XDA Developers and provided a walkthrough of how to decompile, recompile, and sign an APK file. Take the opportunity to understand more about it by accessing the tutorial topic in our forum.

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