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The 10 Best Alternatives to Telegram

Gradually, Telegram has become one of the best messaging apps you can find today. It is secure, has numerous customization options, can be used independently on various devices, etc. Still, it is understandable that you want to know what alternatives to Telegram are.

Be it because it doesn't work very well on your smartphone or because many of your friends don't use it, for example. Fortunately, there are many great apps you can use to replace them. You can check our main recommendations below!

1. Whatsapp

alternatives to telegram whatsapp

On many occasions we see Telegram cited as an alternative to Whatsapp, but the opposite is true as well. It is one of the most used messaging apps in the world, which makes it easy to use if you are looking for something your acquaintances use.

Other than that, he's finally getting more and more news and features. Your safety has also been greatly improved, so it's worth checking it out. You can download the app via the link.

2. Facebook Messenger

Another very popular option is that it serves very well as one of the alternatives to Telegram Facebook Messenger. It started out as a simple Facebook private chat, but now works independently of social networking.

It has good security options, some customization, many unique sticker packs, etc. You can even use the app without a Facebook account, which is great in itself. Check it out more and download the app on your Android or iPhone.

3. Viber

Viber is another app well known to those looking for alternatives to Telegram and other chat apps. It's very simple to use and can still be used on most operating systems and platforms.

In addition to sending and receiving messages, you can use the app to make and make voice calls with your contacts. Of course sharing photos, videos and other files is also present. You can download it via the link.

4. Line

Line is a combination of text messaging with social interactions, thus creating a very interesting experience. Users can send free messages, share short videos and voice and video messages.

It also lets you send emoticons and share your location and is one of the most popular messaging apps in the Asian territory. You can download it from the link.

5. Google Hangouts

alternatives to telegram hangouts

Launched some time ago, Google Hangouts is one of the most interesting chat apps on the list. It is integrated into your Google account and can be used on your PC or smartphone regardless of the operating system.

It also has all the other app features of its kind, with text messaging, audio and video, as well as file sharing. You can check more through the link.

6. Skype

Of course we can not stop talking about Skype, which was once one of the most used software for voice and video conversations. Today it's a little less popular, but still one of the best alternatives to Telegram.

It is even more suitable for those who want PC software, since its desktop version is very complete. If you want something more professional, it also ends up being one of the most rated options. Check it out more and download Skype through the link.

7. Slack

Slack is an interesting option, although not so recommended for all types of users. The app itself is designed for more professional chats, whether it's your coworkers or people you're doing a project with.

You can send messages, share files and make voice and video calls if needed. There is a paid version, but it can be used free of charge with some very acceptable restrictions. You can check more through the link.

8. Kik

Kik easily one of the oldest Telegram alternatives on our list. Since its launch, it has been growing and receiving more features and interesting news.

Currently, it is very similar to Telegram itself, WhatsApp and such apps. You just need to create your username, give your phone number and start using it.

It has a lot of security and allows the creation of groups with more privacy. There is also a web option for those who do not like to stay on the smartphone all day. Check out more through the link.

9. WeChat

WeChat is one of the alternatives to Telegram that you may have heard of, even if you haven't used it. It has become more popular in recent years and offers features similar to those of its competitors.

It still gets frequent updates, very safe and you can use it for conversations (text, voice and video) and file sharing. It is worth mentioning that its design is very beautiful and has a few customization options. Check out more through the link

10. KakaoTalk

alternatives to telegram kakao

Finally, we have an app that is not well known, but of great quality. KakaoTalk uses your phonebook to build a contact list with people who also use the app instantly.

With it, you can send your messages, share files, create groups and make voice calls. really looks like another one on this list, but it does serve as one of the good alternatives to Telegram. You can download it from the link.

Did you like the alternatives to Telegram?

Could you use our list to find good alternatives to Telegram? So be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think of the options and if you have any other suggestions you would like to see here.