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Sony lana WH-100XM3, new wireless headphone with up to 30 hours of battery life

THE Sony launched its wireless headphone update, with connection Bluetooth and noise canceling. O WH-100XM3 has at 30 hours battery life, fast charging, processor HD QN1, more comfortable ear protectors, among other advantages, according to the company.

The handset comes with: a case, a cable, and the charger USB-C Charging.

The processor HD QN1 makes the noise canceling be effective. The goal is to promote the most immersive experience possible. The company indicates its use during travel, especially air, promising a good experience with plenty of battery life.

It is now also possible to program the function of turning off the handset automatically. At the XM2If you weren't playing music the phone would automatically turn off to save battery power. You can now leave the headset on even without listening, for times when you want to block out external noise but you don't want to hear music.


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The weight of XM3 in 254 grams, while its predecessor the XM2 weighed 235 grams. Thus, the new headphone promises to be even more comfortable with a padded base on the ear protectors.

The charger also changed, Sony adopted the door USB-C Charging, which is a bit smaller, and promises 5 hours of autonomy in 10 minutes. Your full charge should last 30 hours.

The exterior controls are on the right side and are softer. The handset has three microphonesIt is possible to make calls and access the assistant with voice command with just one click of command.

A big news of these headphones In quick talk mode, this mode lets you talk or listen to something external without removing the headphones. To activate it is only necessary to put the hand on the right side of the handset, where the controls are located, and the sound automatically lowers. When the hand is removed the sound returns to the same intensity as it was playing previously.

The colors available so far are black and gray. O XM3 not yet available on Brazilian shopping sites on Amazon his price from $ 349.99, which in the current quotation is about R $ 1,452. O XM2, on the Sony website is being sold in Brazil by R $ 1629,99.

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