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Smartphones at 200 reais at the end of the year says Minister

The prices of smartphones in Brazil will fall and at Christmas will be possible to find handsets between 400 reais and 200 reais. The promise of communications minister Paulo Bernardo, who has ensured that the disengagement for smart phones and tablets comes out by the end of the year.

Passing this Monday (08/27), by So Paulo, Bernardo reaffirmed the Federal Government's intention to stimulate local smartphone production by reducing the tax burden. He had a lunch with about 300 businessmen from various segments of the economy, including IT and telecom, who asked several questions about the telecommunications infrastructure that supports their companies' businesses.

During the meeting, sponsored by the Group of Business Leaders (Lide), Bernardo addressed the investments of the telecom sector in the country and acknowledged the need to improve tax issues in order to make handsets with internet access more accessible.

The MP that gives this product and tablets the same incentives as the Good Law, has already been approved by the National Congress. This week the deadline for sano by President Dilma, said the minister, who expects the industry to make smartphones again in the country.

Android smartphones

Today, we are producing in Brazil only 2.5G handsets and almost no 3G handsets, he said, noting that the local industry even exported these products, but today this manufacturing has been outdated.

In addition to having terminals with internet access at more competitive prices, he again emphasized the need to reduce the taxation of telecommunication services. The minister gave as an example of the high charge a mobile phone bill of 100 reais, which embodies 36 reais only taxes, when charging the services even 64 reais.

By the minister's calculations, taxation weighs more on prepaid cell phones, when the rate is up to two and a half times the amount charged to subscribers of postpaid plans, which are the most favored classes. I think we have to work to resolve this, he argued, stating that the government is negotiating with states to lower ICMS charges.

The government's tax incentive plan also involves the construction of network infrastructure. Another federal project to cut taxes on Machine to Machine (M2M) services, which, according to Bernardo, tends to grow a lot in Brazil and that needs to be revised now, when there are few applications in the country.

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