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Rumor: 16 ″ MacBook Pro will replace 15 ″ and will have 9th generation Intel chips

Every day, the image of the future becomes clearer 16-inch MacBook Pro, which began as a distant rumor and now a real possibility for the immediate future. The latest speculation about the future machine comes from the analyst Jeff Lin, from IHS Markit, and bring some new possibilities about it.

According to Lin, the new MacBooks Pro will turn to replace and not complement the 15 ? versions of the line. In fact, as the model's screen extends closer to the edge of the chassis, we will have a machine with a physical size very similar to the current models. The analyst even said that production of the 15 ? MacBook Pro will be shut down next November, while the 16 ? model will go into production as early as September, perhaps for an October release.

The legacy of the 15 ? MacBooks Pro, however, live in the new model: according to Lin, the new computers will preserve the chips. Intel ?Coffee Lake-H? Ninth Generation, which are used in current models of the Ma machine. Still according to the analyst, users will be able to configure the new MacBooks Pro with 2.4GHz Core i9 processors and up to 8 cores just like today.

Lin did not comment on another of the main rumors about the new MacBook Pro: that the model will re-debut scissor-keyed keyboards on Ma computers. That's right, too, but we will, of course, have to wait to know for sure.

via 9to5Mac