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New KDE Plasma-based Tablet

It has long been argued what is the best graphical interface in the Linux world, opinions aside from what I intend to bring in this article, the truth I always heard that the interface that was best prepared for mobile devices was KDE but until then I had not discovered and unseen any device running KDE Plasma with GUI. Well no more.

A new player has joined Marketplace in tablets . Aaron Seigo unveiled a new tablet called Spark , the interface based on KDE Plasma.


Aaron J. Seigo Plasma Active Development team member unveiled a tablet that could be the first device that comes with Plasma activity pre-installed. Plasma Activate a joint KDE community project, and open basysKom slx. The purpose of this open source project is to provide a fast embedded UX platform. 's for all types of tablets, smartphones and touch devices, such as set – top boxes, smart TVs, home automation and information and entertainment devices used in vehicles. Here is a video showing Plasma Active 2 in action:

Spark: The First Activity-Based Plasma Tablet

Spark a fully open tablet cost about 270, which runs the KDE Plasma Active interface. Note that the device is not being disclosed by a hardware company for profit, but for the KDE / Plasma Active community. All proceeds from the sale of the device goes to the active development KDE Plasma. The tablet uses the Linux kernel and the hardware comes fully unlocked which will surely be appreciated by all those who like to "get their hands on" their devices. Technical Specifications:

  • Amlogic 1 GHz ARM Processor,
  • Mali-400 GPU,
  • 512 MB RAM,
  • 4 GB of internal storage plus an SD card slot,
  • Multitouch system at 7 "
  • Wi-Fi
  • HDMI port, and two mini USB ports.

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