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LG 2014: New wearables, G2 Mini and KnockON for L series II

In the last few hours we had some very interesting news related to LG. The manufacturer may launch a new smartwatch and device for use during sports in February at the Mobile World Congress. However, the news that pleased me most was the support for the feature Knockon to the device line low end L series II next year. Also, we still have some new rumors about the mini version of the LG G2. Check below what they are talking about about LG.

lg gx

Wearables: G Arch and G Health

LG follows in the footsteps of the competition and plans to launch a fitness bracelet and smartwatch for early 2014. LG's first smartwatch goes by the name G Arch and apparently has a flexible screen. Probably follow the same model as the second version of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, mentioned in another article today. O G health It will be a fitness bracelet, very similar to the Nike Fuelband, and its function is to monitor the user's biometric and health statistics during sports.

Incidentally, the so-called wearable devices are the bet for 2014, stay tuned!

LG G2 mini

Just as Samsung, Sony and HTC have released "mini" versions of their flagships, LG looks set to follow suit. While Sammy bet on a much lower hardware version, LG will follow Sony's lead and launch a smaller screen smartphone with the same hardware. However, it is worth remembering that everything is still based on rumors. With the proximity of CES, there are chances of seeing such a device arriving by the end of January 2014.

lg g2 teaser
LG / AndroidPIT

According to rumors of the mobile universe, the G2 mini is supposed to come with a 4.7 inch Full HD screen and hardware very similar to that of the G2, but is already on the market running on Android 4.4 KitKat. Again, none of this has been confirmed … yet.

KnockOn Reaches the L Series II Line

One of LG's most exciting features, KnockOn has just arrived for all L Series II devices. The feature came first with the LG G2, largely because of the innovative design of the device with its polemic rear buttons, and seems to have fallen in the taste of LG users. Because of the simple and intuitive nature of KnockOn, which unlocks and locks the device after double-tapping the display, it's interesting to see the manufacturer investing in low-end devices. G Pad 8.3 and L Flex j make use of the same feature.

lg knock feature

The feature will be added to the software in the next OS update scheduled for January 2014. However, we do not know if this update will be accompanied by a major firmware update or not.

And, after all that LG presented in 2013, is that in 2014 the manufacturer keep up the evolution of recent months? What do you think?

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