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Learn how to find out who saw your status photos on WhatsApp

A lot of people are curious about who looked at their photos on WhatsApp. If you want to know who saw your profile picture, here's the bad news: You can't do that, although some scams have promised functionality.

You can know, however, who viewed their status, the app's new feature that looks a lot like Snapchat, and also the photos sent as a message. Know how:



After you submit a photo or text that is visible for 24 hours, simply open the post and swipe the screen from the bottom up. You will see a list of the people who viewed the post.


Photos sent as message

For images sent as a message, simply swipe the image from right to left. WhatsApp will show when it was delivered and viewed.


The same thing happens in groups. As soon as one of the members opens the photo, a cone with the photo that person uses on WhatsApp will indicate that she has read the message.

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