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Instagram gets iOS 13 Dark Mode support; “Following” tab will cease to exist

How about a nice surprise for Monday's muggy night? Yes, dear readers: Instagram, famous for almost never adding features to its app's main design, has surprised compatibility with IOS 13 Dark Mode!

There is no setting in the app for you to turn visuals on or off; The app will simply follow your overall system preference under any circumstances. As for the mode itself, we have no reinvention of the wheel: what was mostly white turns out to be mostly black or dark gray, depending on the area which can even make an interesting highlight for the platform photos and videos.

Instagram Dark Mode

Dark Mode is now available in version 114.0 of the iOS app, which is currently being propagated on the App Store if you still don't see the update yet, please wait a few hours or days as the process can be slow. And it remains to know now when the main Facebook app also gets the news.

End of ?Following? tab

While some functions are added, others are goodbye. Today, Instagram confirmed to BuzzFeed News that who has the days numbered the tab "Following" that left of your notification panel that shows your friends' recent activity, like likes and comments on someone else's photos.

Tab Image: Engadget

According to Instagram product manager Vishal Shah, the tab was removed for two reasons. In addition to simplifying the platform, the feature was unknown to many users which sometimes generated awkward situations when activity, say, improper from some came publicly in the eyes of his followers.

The tab had already been removed for some users undergoing testing since last August; now she will definitely say goodbye throughout this week. From now on, the heart icon, the notifications, show only what was born to show: your notifications. Better this way, right?

Instagram app icon

via MacRumors