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How to turn on the Moto X LED light

Even if you have had the device for some time, you may not yet know that the Moto X has an LED light which can be set for various functions. It is a green light just behind the receiver. As a native feature, it only lights up when the device is fully discharged. The ever-helpful Android community, however, has created a way to expand its possibilities.

Moto X notifications lockscreen
Andr Rigo / AndroidPIT

The Moto X battery is good. So good that the chances of seeing the device completely worn out are relatively small. Also, with the Smart Notifications feature of the device, many users do not miss a notification LED. It is always good, on the other hand, to make the most of the features of our device, and if this light is integrated, why not activate it?

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The LED light of Moto X. / XDA Developers
<p>For unknown reasons, Motorola has installed a green LED light on the Moto X's receiver and has given it only a simple function to turn on when the battery is dead. Luckily the member of <em>XDA Developers</em> <strong>carock </strong>shared the possible commands that can be used to activate the LED light. With applications like Tasker or Llama, you can set custom commands to make the LED blink under certain circumstances.</p>
<p>The tutorial for giving more LED light commands can be seen on the video below:</p>
<p style=Link to video

Note: The video is in English, but YouTube subtitles can be enabled.

Have you tried this tutorial yet? What are your impressions?

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