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How to do a Google account security checkup

If you have a smartphone or computer, chances are you have a Google account associated with them. This account may be improperly accessed by third parties if the user is not very careful about its use.

Fortunately, Google offers a simple and easy way to prevent this from happening by protecting the data associated with the company account through a security checkup on the Google account. If you are interested in protecting your data, keep reading the article as it is full of tips for you.

1. How to checkup by computer

The Google account security checkup works by showing everything the service finds strange or potential failures in your data protection and suggesting what actions to take and how, ensuring that only you have access to your account.

To begin the process, go to the official Google link for this. From this screen, some checks will be made to determine if your account is secure and, where you don't have it, to recommend what the user should do.

Security Check security checkup on google account

The first check which devices you are logged in with is this account and if the device in question is protected with any password. It is recommended to remove the account from the long-dormant places.

Security Check Devices google account security checkup

The second is the ?Recent Security Occurrences?, which basically shows you where and when you signed in with your account, to make sure the user recognizes it every time. If you don't recognize it, just click?Don't recognize an event?? You will be redirected to a password change page.

Security Check Login security checkup on google account

The third is account recovery methods, which can be mobile devices, telephone number or secondary email, with the recommendation that the user has at least two of the three possible methods.

Security Check Recovery security checkup on google account

The fourth shows which apps have access to your account data, also specifying what they have access to; In general, just Google Play – so you can follow the game across multiple devices – and Google Drive – to upload a lot of important data like WhatsApp backup.

Security Check Apps security checkup on google account

Finally, the fifth is a password checkup, which checks all of your passwords saved in your Google account and points out issues; The main one is reusing passwords, but it also shows weak passwords and even if any of your passwords has been compromised in data leakage.

Security check Passwords security checkup on google account

An excellent feature offered by the service, which is also found in password managers, is the automatic generation of strong passwords, including ease of changing them, to ensure that none of your accounts, no matter what the site, are compromised. If you prefer to create your own passwords, follow these tips to avoid hacking.

2. How to checkup by Android smartphone

If you prefer, you can do the same security checkup on your Google account through your mobile device, without opening any pages, as the option is in one of the settings menus.

To do the process this way, go to the app?Settings?, click in"Google" and on this screen click the button that says?Manage your Google Account?at the top of the page. On the next screen, there will be several tabs at the top; slide until you reach?Security?.

Android security check

You will find many options, among which are the button?Protect Account?. Clicking on it, you will see the same browser scan options. Plus, you can easily change your account password, enable 2-step sign-in verification, and even verify which sites you sign in with your Google account.

3. How to perform a privacy check

In addition to the Google account security checkup, you can also do a privacy checkup to limit what data is shared with the company. To do this, go to the official page of this check. Also follow these tips to further increase your privacy and find out how your smartphone can compromise it.

privacy checkup

From this page, you can control many different types of data, such as all your web activity, location history, voice recording, YouTube history and other service settings, Google Photos face recognition, and enhanced ad personalization.

All of this makes the user experience much better, but in return you give Google access to all your browsing data, among many other things, which can be very worrying for the current user.

You can also perform this checkup through your Android smartphone; To do so, open the?Settings?, then click"Google", in?Manage your Google Account? and finally you will find the same tabs. Comes?Data and Personalization? and click on "First steps".

So what did you think about the security checkup on Google account?

If you have a Google account, you can take full advantage of the tips included in this article as it ensures your security and prevents third parties – or even Google – from gaining access to your data and your fundamental privacy.