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Google makes Audi duo for Android to hit cars too

Have you ever imagined getting in your car and launching Google Maps from a smart voice command "Ok, Google"? How about sending a message or selecting your favorite artist's radio on Google Play Music while you're on your way to work? According to Wall street journal, Google will make this possible with the help of Audi, German car manufacturer.

self driving android
Google and Audi will put Android in cars! / Google / AndroidPIT

The publication also suggests that Google does not rule out collaborations with other car manufacturers, as well as the NVIDIA, in an attempt to establish Android as a viable option for car systems in the future. If all goes well, Android will reach another area already known to iOS users, as Apple announced similar service seven months ago.

The goal is to provide access to Google's vast portfolio of applications and services in cars. The most obvious would be Google Maps and Google Music, but the possibilities are many in this field. The two companies will present such a service during CES 2014 in Las Vegas, where we will have a demonstration with a vehicle equipped with Android.

In this field, Ford has been offering intelligent systems in vehicles for about six years, when it launched Microsoft Sync, in partnership with Microsoft. According to the automaker, today are already available in the market more than 10 million vehicles with this feature.

Given the facts, what Google services or Android apps would you like to have in your car?

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